Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wow - There's a lot going on this week!

-- Announcement --

Later today, - Nov 22nd - I'll be interviewed by the host of the Free 2 Live 2 radio ! Here's the details:
@ 10:30 AM - (pacific): Trevor Carter is a UK life Coach and Motivational speaker, with a passion to help disadvantaged individuals to take more control of their lives. Each week, he shares powerful testimonies, motivational sessions and special guests with you. Today's guest is Lillian Brummet - Topic: the business side of writing as a career.
Location: @ 10:30 AM-Pacific

-- Quote of the Day --

Yesterday, I mentioned a quote from one of our guests on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. In keeping with the interview I'll be taking part of later this morning I'd like to share another quote from that same interview, where we were discussing predators in the publishing industry:

“…if you are getting hounded by a sales person and that you are losing if you don’t do something now… or if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. …For example… One company buys the back page of the New York Times Book review, a lot – and they put about 12-14 books (on that one page)… but anyone who knows anything about advertising knows that first of all you are on the back page of the New York Times Book Review where people have already gone through this entire thing reading book reviews by major publishing houses … the results are going to be: you just threw away $2500. I mean you have an ad for your book in a publication time after time after time to get any kind of traction. And it is those kinds of things that can be so misleading to people.”
~ Mark Levine 10/2/08

To find this interview simply click on the hyper linked Conscious Discussions show title, click on the link located on the right side of this blog for the radio program, or click on the image below - either of these will get you there. * archives are listed according to the month that they aired in and are located on the right side of the Conscious Discussions website, under the links.

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-- Conscious Living Events This Week --

Nov 23 – Buy Nothing Day (North America)

Nov 24 – Buy Nothing Day (International)

Nov 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

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