Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy - Busy :)

Whew! What a crazy time of year this is... schedules are overloaded and time is limited :)

Today is no exception. Starting at 10 AM (Pacific) this morning I will be interviewing Steve Mayfield on the concept of seeing Downsizing as an opportunity for Rebirth rather than being the "end". This hour long interview will be archived in case you cannot make the live airing this morning, simply go to the Conscious Discussions website and the latest show will play automatically for you. The link for the show is located on the right side of this blog... * alternatively, click on the hyper-linked show title here in today's post - either of these will get you there. :)

Then at 12:30 PM (Pacific) I will be the featured guest on the Free 2 Live 2 radio show. Host Trevor Carter and I will continue our discussion on the business side of the world of writing. Join us in Part 2 of "Help I am a Writer; Need to Get My Book Seen" blogtalkradio.com/free2live2

Later on this afternoon at 2 PM (Pacific) over at the Authors Read radio show I have a writer of screenplays, articles and books; a producer of feature films, film shorts, music videos and photography - Anna Maria Prezio – as the featured guest of the day. Anna is also a marketing consultant in health care, entertainment, and the non-profit sectors; She has incorporated her knowledge of Feng Shui and its effects on personal environments to enhance people’s lives. Ms. Prezio’s mission is to help people gain the knowledge and tools of Feng Shui to improve and enhance their wealth, health, creativity and relationships. The book she'll be reading from today: Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghostbuster. Find this radio program through the hyper-linked show title in today's post, or look to the right of this blog where I have a link available for you - either of these will get you there. :)

And last but far from least :) I'd like to let you know that I was interviewed on the Start With The Facts Blog recently: http://startwithfacts. blogspot. com

Well, that is it for today's post. I'll have some interesting eco-information to share with you tomorrow that you won't want to miss ! :)

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