Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Celebrating International Days of Awareness

Dec 2 – Together We Can Change The World Day

An amazing day of awareness - each and every single person has a value; a real and measurable impact on the world happens with each action we take on a daily basis. This is what Dave and I focus on in all of our work; our blog, newsletter, 3 books & 2 radio shows... they are all about focusing on inspiring change by showing people they do have value, they can make a difference.

Today, Dec 3 – International Day of Disabled Persons

I want to really embrace this day of awareness here on our blog. Incidentally we are currently setting up a date for an interview with an amazing organization that works with "waste" to create valuable, reusable products while creating jobs for disabled and mentally challenged individuals.
Until we solidify all the arrangements with the director of this organization regarding this interview on Conscious Discussions, I'd like to pass on their site to you today:

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