Thursday, December 18, 2008

Volunteer Adventure Travel

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Dorothy Conlon was born in Japan and has lived a life of travel and adventure. After college, she shared a career with her Foreign Service husband Ned, which led them to live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Pakistan for thirty years. Widowed in 1989, Dorothy embarked on her own journeys, teaching, volunteering and exploring around the world. Today's interview focused on Dorothy's experiences with Volunteer Adventure travel: what is it?, how do we participate in it?, or find resources that will lead to new opportunities? Learn what kind of commitment one might be looking at, as well as training, health, culture and safety issues involved in Volunteer Adventure Traveling.

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We had the pleasure of featuring Dorothy on Dec 6 when she read an excerpt from the book, At Home in the World on the Authors Read radio show -

-- Travel Consciously with these Resources on Volunteer Adventure Travel --
*list was provided by Dorothy Conlon

* Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation,
* Cross Cultural Solutions,
* Earthwatch,
* Global Service Corps,
* Global Volunteers,
* Planting Hope,
* WorldTeach,

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