Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Bag Day :)

-- Eco-Event --

I was sent the following information through the Zero Waste San Diego group, of which I am a member:

The City of Encinitas (California, USA) has partnered with the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation in giving away one free reusable bag per household (must be Encinitas resident). Support the cause by using only reusable bags on Dec 18th at the locations listed below:

Giveaway locations:

Encinitas City Hall
505 Vulcan Avenue
10am - 6pm

134 N. El Camino Real
4pm - 6pm

125 N. El Camino Real
4pm - 6pm

262 N El Camino Real, Encinitas
4pm -6pm

-- Quote of the Day --

“Solana Center has 2 main programs… I’m the manager of the composting program, but there is also a pollution prevention program. …For example that program will set up recycling programs for schools and multi family complexes …doing waste audits and then setting up the programs… and the education around that. That program also hosts used oil events …getting people to think about where their oil is going. Another really cool thing is the water education system where going into schools and teaching children about what happens to stuff poured down the drain. …I have a high school mentorship where we teach high school students things like vermi-composting and water-wise gardening and then they go into to the elementary schools and teach the little kids about how to do these things… I’m just another adult telling them what to do, but these high school kids are what they want to be when they grow up, you know a high school student – they seem so cool…” ~ Rachel Borgatti 08/19/08

It was a pleasure to feature a representative for the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation on Conscious Discussions talk radio show. Rachel Borgatti was able to explain the origins of the organization and the incredible programs they now offer. Learn about their amazing efforts to educate and inspire society in this thought-provoking interview by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog... or you can click on the link for the Conscious Discussions show over on the right side of this post. Either of these will get you there. ** Rachel's interview aired on August 19, 2008

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