Monday, December 29, 2008

recycle mattresses, clothing - hear an author read live - Quote of the day

-- Announcement --

Wow! I am thrilled to announce that our book Trash Talk has been reviewed by a teen-run book review site: Review A Book 123 The review was very organized and the evaluation of the book from a young persons point of view was a fantastic experience for us. I was concerned that the book, being about the 4-R's of waste management, gardening and water/energy conservation, may not appeal to this age group - however this review put that concern to rest.

Amanda's (reviewer) closing statement "Overall, I did enjoy this book. It taught me a lot of interesting facts and ideas about the environment and helping it. There was enough of everything to keep the reader interested, and not make them bored with a book like this. I loved it!" was everything I needed to hear :)

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-- Authors Read radio show --

Travel writer, photographer & novelist, Linda Ballou read from the book Wai-nani today on the Authors Read radio program You may recognize this authors name from when she appeared on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on Nov 13, 2008 for an hour long interview on the environment, culture and myths of the Hawaiin nation.

-- Quote of the Day --

“…we have to approach everything holistically… in the sense that you cannot separate the economics of something from the social justice from the environment – they all have to be addressed together. …get engaged – connect and you’ll realize that a whole world will open up to you, because it is not only getting engaged at a local level, you also have access to a global level…you have something to offer and it is really important to be part of the community…”
~ Anne Goeke 2/5/08

I encourage our blog readers to visit the archives, including the one quoted from today, via the Conscious Discussions website - look to the right hand side, underneath the links & browse the archives from there, one month at a time. :)

Mattresses Can Be recycled !!

Did you know that bed mattresses can be recycled? I was reading an article in the Recycling Product News magazine where I learned that there are companies out there that deal with mattresses, clothing, couches, appliances and other materials. Many of us are aware of thrift and support centers in our region that accept used clothing, however the recycling of the materials might be a new concept to many of our readers - as it was for me. The value in recycling mattresses comes from polyurethane and metals found in the inside of the product. - Isn’t that interesting!?

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  1. Thank you Lillian for the opportunity to share my work. It was a great pleasure for me. I hope you listening audience enjoyed entering Wai-nani's beautiful world.


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