Thursday, January 1, 2009

Conscious living is a legacy in itself...

-- Conscious Discussions --

This morning's Conscious Discussions broadcast (Jan 1) was another Positive Eco-News segment, where I shared inspiring environmental news, new technologies & positive actions being embraced by communities around the globe ! 2 more Positive Eco-News segments are scheduled in January (11 & 25th) :)

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-- Quote of the Day --

“…We thought another way to teach people (to live with loss and die with dignity) was to write a book about (cancer). Because we were both professors of communication we were very open about it. …She had a bald head and would walk into her classes and smile! …We taught our students more that year than in the previous 20 years of teaching. …What you need is support – even just an email to say they are thinking about you. …Some people would come over and want to do our dishes or clean the bathroom, and I turned down those offers initially. And then I realized that they had a need to support us … so I would suggest that they take Leah to a movie, or sit with her and read. …and to be there throughout the process. In terms of grief… A bunch of people called me after the first couple of weeks after her passing, and then not a lot of people called 2 months from then, but the grief process takes a long time. …Some people just disappear and you think they would be there for you. …They do this for all kinds of reasons – some were too sad, too shocked themselves, others didn’t want to feel like they were putting an extra burden on us …So I started reaching out to people, some of whom I’d never called, they were Leah’s friends. …When you are going through this, don’t be alone.” ~ Nick Trujillo 09/25/08

I felt this quote was appropriate for us to start the New Year with the idea that we don't have to do amazing endeavors to leave a lasting legacy - simply by living the lifestyle you want to see in the world you influence others in a deep and profound way. This is exactly what Nick Trujillo and his wife discovered - the way his wife handled her terminal cancer became an incredible legacy. To hear this touching tale visit Sept 25, 2008 broadcast of Conscious Discussions (click on hyper-linked show title to get to the website).

*Archives are located under the links, on the right hand side of the Conscious Discussions website. Click on Sept, 2008 to find Nick Trujillo's interview.

Happy New Year !!!

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