Monday, January 12, 2009

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-- Authors Read --

Joan Gelfand’s work has been published in over fifty national and regional publications. Currently, Joan works as an arts administrator, organizing panels and readings at colleges and writer’s conferences around the Bay Area. She has authored 2 published books of poetry – Earlier on Nov 14th we had the pleasure of hearing Joan read an excerpt from the first of these books: “Seeking Center” – which you can find in our archives here at the Authors Read website. Now, I do want to let you know that Joan appeared on the Consicous Discussions talk radio show on Jan 6, 2009 – you can find out more about that radio show at Today, Joan read from “A Dreamers Guide to Cities & Streams”.

To access Joan's reading click on the hyper-linked show title here in this post or click on the link we have for Authors Read on the right hand side of this blog.

-- Quote of the Day --

“ …Writing is very difficult, it is an extraordinarily complex task that demands every bit of us & also that most of us have not been trained in. Even people who have training have to deal with all kinds of problems that come up in their writing. …Writing is a creative act, & there are no hard & fast rules. ”
~ Cindy Barilleaux 11/02/07

This quote was taken from an interview with Cindy on the Consicous Discussions talk radio show on November 2, 2007 This interview consisted of Part 1 of our discussion on the World of Writing. In this 2-part discussion we uncovered the behind-the-scenes activities of what it takes to run your career in writing as a business. To access this interview simply head over to the Consicous Discussions show via the hyper-linked show title in this post or the link on the right of this blog. Look for the archived episode that aired on Nov, 2 - 2007 for Part 1. Part 2 of this discussion aired on Jan 4, 2008.

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