Tuesday, January 20, 2009

positive economic climate? Alzheimers & Caregiving...

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Jim Greenwood, a former journalist, pilot and aviation executive, has held top management positions in the federal government, as well as in the aircraft manufacturing and operating industries. Jim is an award-winning author, with four books and numerous magazine articles, mostly on aviation topics. Today we are discussing Jim’s experience caring for his wife for the 13 years that she endured Alzheimer's disease. Learn practical, useful advice on how to provide care for anyone suffering from dementia.

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One of our former featured guests on CD contacted me to share information about a wonderful site he is a part of: Change.org… this is a social activist network where you can learn about causes, connect to like-minded people and nonprofit organizations and learn how to take proactive action for positive change in a variety of issues.
Alexander Lee appeared on…July 8, 2008 - to discuss the concept of using laundry machines more efficiently – we talked about the benefits of various models, safety issues such as how to prevent house fires and green alternatives.

-- Positive Economic Climate? --

Encouragingly… in today’s economic climate, some people who are looking at re-education and want to work in a field that makes a difference: ‘zero waste’ movements, soil improvement, erosion control, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction have great potential for growth. These careers are sustainable for the foreseeable future and offer youth and today's unemployed a positive option.

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