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Plastic Bag Bans & Writer's techniques

-- Quote of the Day --

Re: Writing Technique...

“ I found it really easy to make a list. …I think it is also important to find a writer’s group… somebody who will encourage and yet critique you. ...I think it is very important to set aside a definite time …where you write a stream of consciousness and let it take its shape, and then come back later and put it in order. … I carry a notebook everywhere I go to write down ideas, quotes.”
~ Sheryl VanWeelden 04/17/08

This quote was taken from an interview with Sheryl and her co-writing daughter, Sherry - which aired on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on April 17, 2008

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-- Eco - News --

According to the Zero Waste San Diego Group "Carry a plastic bag in Delhi and you could be imprisoned for 5 years". This serious move is in an effort to stop the flow of plastics in the environment. The "use, storage and sale of plastic bags of any kind will be banned".

I openly applaud this move by Delhi, Rwanda, Bhutan, Bangladesh and others who have created similar bans on plastic bag use. So few consumers realize that plastic comes from petroleum and increases our dependence on foreign fuel supplies, which gives those countries more power over us. The manufacturing process consumes large amounts of water and creates pollution. Not only are our streets and parking lots littered with plastic bags of all shapes, sizes and thicknesses - they are clogging water ways and sewer systems which creates prime "breading grounds for malaria and dengue fever. These plastics are carried by wind and water currents to the ocean where they group into islands made entirely of plastic. The damage to the environment caused by plastics only begins here, going on to cause irrevocable toxic pollution issues and death across the food chain.

Alternative reusable and compostable bags (available in a wide variety of materials from Jute, Cotton, Recycled-paper, Recycled-plastic bags and bamboo) are more readily available then ever before.

This issue was discussed on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show several times in the past including August 2007 with Teri Thomas on Plastic Bag Alternatives. Earlier in 2007, in May - we discussed how communities are going plastic bag free with Tracey Saxby. The issue of finding new uses for plastic (seeing waste as a resource) can also be found in the archived discussions on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show - everything from alternative feminine and infant hygiene, alternative moving companies and inventors of reusable products made from plastic materials (such as diapers).

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