Thursday, March 5, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

"To cherish what remains of the Earth & to foster its renewal
is our only legitimate hope of survival."

~ Wendell Berry

-- Brummet's Conscious Discussions Blog wins Award --

I am proud to announce that our blog has been given the PREMIO DARDOS Award by the Memosaic team - in Feb, 2009. I just found out about this award! The Premio Dardos Award is given “in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.”

-- Eco - News --

The information & topic below originated from a very interesting discussion through the San Diego Zero Waste Group that I am a member of:

Although toilet tissue can be made at similar cost from recycled material, it is the fiber taken from standing trees that help give it that plush feel, because the longer fibers allow manufacturers to create that fluffy, plush feel. Unfortunately, they also feel consumers desire a bright white tissue and add chlorine or other toxic whiteners to the mix. Many large manufactures rely on old growth forests for their materials. Bathroom habits are not foremost in our conversations and media reports so the consumer has had few resources until now. Greenpeace issued a national guide for American consumers to help them make environmentally sound, healthy decisions for their families and offices. One of these brands, Seventh Generation claims: “100 % recycled paper; whitened without chlorine bleach”. The United States is the largest tissue consumer in the world – at more than 23 rolls per person per year; unfortunately 100% recycled paper equates to under 2% of sales. Personally, I feel it is very sad that society feels that it is appropriate to wipe our rears with thriving forests… the lungs of the Earth are surely due more respect.

-- Conscious Discussions --

Today's featured guest on Conscious Discussions talk radio is Stan Toler -- best-selling author, international seminar leader, and speaker… he has written more than 70 books & currently resides in Oklahoma- USA. In his latest self-help book - ReThink Your Life - Stan outlines the practical steps anyone can take to discover purpose, focus, decision-making, and improve their quality of life by renewing the mind.

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