Monday, March 23, 2009

volunteer, summer conditioning with winter's snow

-- Quote of the Day --

I chose the quote below due to last week's blog posts on conscious eco-travel and stay-cation alternatives:

“…And you don’t have to be a trained teacher by any means… you just need to speak the language. …Whatever you are good at they may branch out to include that, but typically there is very little training involved [in volunteer adventure travel]. …Most of these organizations know how important safety is – in many cases they provide insurance for you. …They are going to lean over backwards to make sure that everything is prepared; you are in their hands. Now it is different if you do your own solo volunteer adventure. I would check the travel safety warnings online, follow heath precautions – you know take the necessary shots, take malaria medication with me, etc. …I tend to go to developing countries where the value of a dollar goes a lot farther. I find them more interesting also. …I am not into buying souvenirs, but I do try to bring back some memory-provoking item such as a shell from a beach, a fossil or something that caught my eye… I have taught travel courses and I being ACE travelers – Adaptable, Curious and Enthusiastic. Because things are never going to be the same as they are at home. …Leaving your preconceptions at home because no matter how much you read up on an area you go there with thoughts in your mind. …Bearing in mind that it so important to try and see things from the eyes of the people there (i.e. arranged marriages). ”
~ Dorothy Conlon – Dec 18, 2008

This Conscious Discussions radio interview with Dorothy aired on December 18, 2008 and focused on Volunteer Adventure Travel To access this interview simply click on the hyper-links in this post, or look to the right for a link to the show.

-- Eco News!! --

The Tokyo Regional Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has undertaken a project to cool airport buildings using the cold water of melted snow at the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido by 2010. According to the bureau, a mound of snow measuring 100 meters long, 200 meters wide, and 8 to 15 meters tall will be made on site by collecting plowed snow and covering wit insulating material for storage until the following summer. Plans are in now place to create the snow mounds for storage in the winter of fiscal 2009 for the operation to get started. The project is expected to result in a reduction of about 2,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually at the New Chitose Airport by using stored snow for air conditioning, as well as reduction of up to 30 percent of the energy currently used to cool both domestic and international terminal buildings.

How Cool is that !?!

-- Authors Read Radio --

Lisa Mininni is best-selling author, entrepreneur, and cancer conqueror. She is the President of Excellerate Associates, an organizational consulting and developmental coaching company; and Founder of The C Club, that helps individuals reclaim, reshape and renew their life after cancer (the C stands for Conqueror.) – Today on Authors Read, Lisa will be sharing an excerpt from her nonfiction, self-help book: Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change

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