Thursday, May 21, 2009

radio episode today & eco-event

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today's Guest: Sheila Radha Conrad is a writer, speaker, psychologist, author of the Life Mastery Skills Book & the founder of the Life Mastery Skills program. Her work focuses on helping people thrive in life’s set-backs – be it financial, professional, health; we all face these challenges many times in life. Sheila the role we have to play as to the type emotional response we experience, and using the challenging times to explore ourselves, re-evaluate our passions and goals for the time we have on this Earth.
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-- Positive Eco-News --

Around this time last year, if my memory serves correctly, I recall reading about the Regional District for the Kootenay Boundary Region, volunteers and partners working together to plant hundreds of trees near the City Landfill to help clean our air and nurture the soil. Numerous volunteer teachers got together this year, in May, at the Grand Forks Senior Secondary planted a shade park on the playing fields at the high school with a grant that allowed them to purchase 40 trees for the project.

We love to celebrate these inspiring actions by conscious individuals here on our blog :)

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