Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wildlife Programs, Healthy Food & More!

-- Events & Celebrations --

I hope that everyone had a relaxing long weekend ;) For those of you who are not already aware, here in Canada we just celebrated Labor Day - which is a time when we honor those who strove for a better workplace, better rights and health care for workers. In this time of economic strife, especially here in BC where we have the highest cost of living AND the lowest minimum wage in Canada - we can use this time to re-evaluate where our nation is right now and where we are heading in the future.

September is National Prevention Month and National Ovarian Cancer Month - you will likely be seeing many articles in your favorite publications in the next few weeks dealing with these topics.

-- Bringing Back Wildlife --

* Source: Japan For Sustainability Organization www.Japanfs.org

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo (Hokkaido, Japan) launched the Steller's Sea Eagle Program in autumn 2008 under the Wildlife Restoration Project, with the aim of protecting the environment and biodiversity in the Maruyama area.

As part of the Steller's Sea Eagle Program, the Zoo seeks to utilize its breeding techniques in the restoration of rare species, such as Steller's sea eagles in Hokkaido. The zoo is carrying out this program in cooperation with other research institutions and organizations. Eventually, the eagles will be trained using falconry techniques in preparation for their eventual return to the wild.

The zoo plans to release the eagles into the wild in Russia, which is where the eagles breed, in about five years. The designated observation site will be Poronaisk Wildlife Reserve (located in Sakhalin), which will begin operations as an observation site in the summer of 2009. Breeding cages and training bases will be built there with the goal of increasing the population of Steller's sea eagles.

In addition, the zoo has implemented the breeding of great purple emperor, golden-ringed dragonflies and Japanese crayfish in Sapporo City, which will be the venue for related events and seminars.

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today on Conscious Discussions Talk Radio we are featuring Myra Lewin who has over 30 years experience in nutrition, holistic treatments and energy management. She owns a therapy center called – Maui Yoga and Ayurveda – based in Hawaii (USA) where she has assisted many people towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. Today we will learn how to develop A Wholesome Relationship with Food. To access the live show (10-11 AM Pacific) or the archived interview click on the hyperlinks above - or look to the right for links to recently aired episodes of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

-- Eco-Event --

On Sept 9th (Wednesday) from 6-8 PM (pacific) at the Sonoma Restaurant & Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave, SE Washington DC – USA) the Project Laundry List is hosting an event, part of the Clotheslines across America Tour (www.clostheslinesacrossamerica.org) info at: www.laundrylist.org

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at www.brummet.ca

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