Sunday, October 11, 2009

Growing News...

-- Growing Communities --

Looking for a way to get your youth group or young family members involved in the community and learning about growing food in their own back yards... or balconies? Here's a great way to do this and at the same time support food banks, missions for the poor or churches that feed the hungry.

Check out the site where you can learn about a junior vegetable gardening & sharing initiative for children and their families – sponsored by the Garden Writers Association, Food Banks Canada and the Composting Council of Canada – Learn how you can get your kids involved in this project for the upcoming growing season simply by following the hyper-link above.

-- Conscious Composting Innovation --

Cavendish Farms, one of North America's leading producers of potato products, have recently installed a bio-gas facility that converts solid potato waste to energy for the processing plants located on the farm site - resulting in 30% less greenhouse gas emissions produced by the farm, a reduced dependence on fossil fuel, fewer trucks to bring the fuel to the plant and the elimination of transport needs for the potato waste… and the byproduct is a natural soil amendment that reduces their reliance on fertilizers.

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