Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interviews & Net Zero Building

-- Interviews with the Brummets! --

I am so excited to announce that we are taking part of Brandi Drury's April-June '10 Blog Tour. Starting today and throughout April and May we are guest blogging or being interviewed by more than a dozen blogs, as well as a live chat room and a radio show. Keep an eye on this blog for announcements for these appearances. So our blog tour starts with an interview between Dave, myself and Kiki Howell - owner of the Authors By Authors Blog - which was posted today! Check it out, and the comments by readers too, at:

Kelly Moran's interview with me (Lillian) was posted today... This particular interview is not part of the above tour, and Kelly is offering something very special for her readers - the interview runs at the top spot on this blog for 3 days, after which 3 winners are chosen at random from those who commented on the interview and she will be giving away 3 copies of my e-book: Towards Understanding... but you have to comment on this blog to enter the contest!

-- What is Zero Net Building, Anyway?? --

Sustainable and green building practices are catching on world wide. LEED and other eco-certifications are now available to builders that help them reassure customers of the quality of their home. Dave and I were recently approached by with the question "What is a Net Zero Building?" So I'll do my best today to define this for you.

The buildings existing today are actually one of the largest consumers when it comes to the environmental impact they have and because of this it stands to reason that of the environmental actions taking place right now, building design improvements is one of them.

You may have heard of Passive Solar homes, which utilize scientific knowledge of the varying degrees of sun rays that hit the home throughout the year to improve efficiency. For instance, your roof might extend for a specified length past the roof line to give just enough shade for the hot days, yet allow for full access to the sun’s energy in the winter. Occasionally the builder will also take other factors into consideration - such as prevailing wind, terrain and obstructions blocking the sun.

Net Zero Energy combines on-site renewable power generation with highly energy-efficient products and designs. What this does is offer the consumer a way to not only reduce the energy they consume, but actually generate a positive footprint. For instance in some areas, solar technology can actually provide more energy than the people living in the home could possibly use. This extra energy is fed back into the power company’s system, who then compensates the homeowner for the energy they have contributed. There are also wind energy alternatives for roof tops that the home owner can consider for this same kind of system. The caution here is having control over what is fed back into the system so that the workmen are kept safe.

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today's featured guest was held up, so we shared a Positive Eco-News segment with you today. Looking for interesting, innovative, environmental news? Want to feel inspired & learn of some new resources? Check out today's Positive Eco-News segment on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show

To find today's interview simply follow the hyper-linked show title above.

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