Friday, April 9, 2010

Writers Making The World Better :)

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's featured guest on the Authors Read Radio show: Ina Hillebrandt will share an excerpt from her short story collection: Pawprints. It's an uplifting collection of short "tails" about close encounters of the furry kind. Stories reveal how being close to animals and the outdoors nourish the spirit, and point up the importance of kindness to animals, the planet and each other. This book project grew into a literacy program begun as a workshop for the Jane Goodall Institute. Ina is also the president of Pawpress and founder of the Pawprints Literacy Plus organization. To access this episode click on the show title: Pawprints

-- Writer Interview #4 --

Marian Thomas joins us today on the Brummet's Conscious Blog to share some of her knowledge of the world of writing with us.

Marian tells me that, "Originally I am from the windy city, Chicago but I currently reside in Atlanta with my husband and our spoiled but playful dog-Winston, whom I like to affectionately, refers to as “big-boned” - Find Marian at:

Q. How would a good friend describe you?

A. Most of my friends, including my hubby would describe me as over-accommodating. I tend to go overboard trying to ensure the comfort of people that I entertain. For me, that’s not necessarily a bad quality but rather, one that means that I care.

Q. What are your long-range and short-range goals and objectives? How do you accomplish your goals?

A. In the writing world-my goals are to maintain the ethical value and principles that I hold close to my heart. My book Color Me Jazzmyne, I am proud to say doesn’t contain any profanity or erotic undertones. I think that anyone who reads my book appreciates this value and gets it. You get a good story that you can make a good connection with. My short-range goals are to finish my next book titled My Father’s Colors. I am so far behind on that. The important thing when it comes to accomplishing your goals is to stick to them-come what may.

Q. How do you determine or evaluate success?

A. I can tell you that it’s certainly not by how much money I do or don’t have or the type of car I drive or the house I live in or its location for that matter. Rather, success is determined by the effort one puts into action. If you gave it your best, all that you had and didn’t leave anything out, then you were successful!

Q. What is inspires you?

A. Helping others. Anyone can give with the expectation of getting something back, but truly helping others involves giving without the expectation of getting something in return but a smile and maybe a “thank you” is what can inspire someone- myself for that matter.

Q. What is your contribution to society?

A. Facts and statistics show that 1 out 4 girls will become a victim of sexual abuse before they turn eighteen, 1 out of 6 boys will suffer the same. On April 13, 2010 I am conducting an online “blast” day for my book Color Me Jazzmyne. Ten amazing companies have contributed a bonus gift that will be given away to everyone who makes a purchase on that day and we are also having a “15 hr Amazing Grab Bag” where (1) winner will be selected every hour from all who have made a purchase. Bestselling authors, radio talk show hosts and others have contributed some amazing prizes for this. However, the bigger purpose of this day is to give 15% of the proceeds from all purchases of the book made via to The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. They are committed to helping children who have become a victim of sexual or physical abuse heal.

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  3. Thanks BK.See you on April 13, 2010 for the "Blast" Day event. So excited about helping support the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy especially since this is officially the National Child Abuse Prevention month.

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