Friday, July 30, 2010

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-- Authors Read --
Authors Read Radio, today live at 9 AM, we have as our guest: Weston Locher, author of a humor book titled: Musings on Minutiae, which contains 50 hilarious essays and anecdotes about life with frenetic felines, crazy childhood memories, tales about life in an urban apartment complex, and everything in between! He’ll be sharing 2 essays with us today on Authors Read - remember, if you can't make the live show today there will be an archive made available for you to access at your convenience. (To access the show: click on hyperlinks above, or look to the sidebars on this blog)

-- Business; Advertising --

I read some interesting stats on advertising that I wanted to share with our audience today:

According to BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage Study, magazines continue to rank the highest for influencing consumers to go online and search out more information. Over the last 5 years print and online magazine subscriptions and readerships have continued to increase and seem to attract people between the ages of 18 and 34. In fact, 4 out of 5 adults spend an average of 43 minutes reading issues of magazines - this might be due to high availability in waiting rooms, cafes and of course business or individual subscriptions. According to a study done by McPheters & Company, the magazine sector delivers more ads than the internet or television, and despite the growing trend for online activity magazines have actually attracted more than 1 million young adult readers. Simons Multi-Media Engagement Study reiterates the findings of both Dynamic Logic and McPheters & Co. saying that magazines are considered to be a trustworthy and inspirational media with a readership that reacts to ads positively.

n article by Jack Marshall that I read online somewhere,(sorry I can't remember where) titled US Users Don’t Mind Ads; but Don’t Click on Them Either had some interesting things to say about advertising online: 
...According to the author, he found that 81% of us don’t mind ads when doing online activities, but 77% of us ignore them. Interestingly between 35-42% of us say we rarely, if ever, click on the online ads. However, he also found that 49% of us are more likely to visit a site if we’ve previously seen an ad for that site or company. 

So what this means to me is that while advertising may not bring direct sales - it will increase awareness about the company, has great potential for increasing Internet searches and website traffic, and also has the potential of reaching a viral audience via word-of-mouth activities online.

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