Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alternative Energy & Gardening

 -- Quote of the Day --

"The idea of perfect closes your mind to new standards
When you drive hard toward one idea,
You miss opportunities and paths,
Not to mention hurting your confidence. 
Believe in your potential and then go out
And explore it; don't limit it."

~ John Eliot - Author of Reverse Psychology For Success

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Sunday Gardening #27 aired earlier this morning - the archive is now available for anyone to access or download and listen to. Today, I focused on Reuse, Hydroponics, and some brief accounts of Zones 1-5 including chores or harvests the gardeners in these zones will be facing right now. One listener in the chat room asked me about my method for making tomato sauce. Find my answer and more by clicking on the hyper-linked title (above) or look in the sidebars on this blog to find recently aired episodes.

-- Lillian's Referral Corner --

 Toboa Energy offers alternative energy systems, components, selection help, site planning and a wide range of unique wind and solar energy generators and related eco-friendly products. As a provider of wind generator and solar systems, Toboa Energy Resources can outfit your farm, home, or business to become energy independent. Kudos to this company and the staff who provide sustainability opportunities to both individuals and businesses.

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