Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animal Rescue & Poetry

-- Quote of the Day --

"Fear less, hope more;
Eat less, chew more;
Whine less, breath more;
Talk less, say more; 
Love more;
And all good things will be yours."

~ Swedish Proverb

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today Live at 10 AM (pacific):
Healthy life, fresh water and good food, along with shelter from the elements and the freedom to explore a piece of ground… This is the life a domestic cat should have – but doesn’t always. Drop by your local animal rescue center to see lines of cat cages, cats who have been in homes but were abused or neglected, or the owners just were not able to care for them anymore. And worse – there are animals on the streets, being punished by the elements, poor nutrition, and reproduction. Today we have a very special guest lined up for you… Rosie Sorenson is passionate about helping homeless cats and has written an award-winning book about her fifteen years of caring for a colony. 

Join us live at 10 AM (pacific) this morning for the Kitty Rescue & Colony Aide interview on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show (click on these links to find the show), and if you can - open up the chat room to see what's happening there. This show will also be archived, and made available for anyone to listen to at their convenience.  

-- Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month --

As promised, this blog will be celebrating Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month (July) by sharing poetry from published writers. Submission guidelines can be found on the July 3rd posting on this blog. (scroll down to find previous posts). * We have 2 more guest poets lined up before the end of July rolls around.
Today I'll be sharing a poem with you from my book: Towards Understanding, revised edition, is a collection of 125 non-fiction poems written in chronological order. It is a true story of a young pre-teen female growing up on her own, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of inner demons and finally growing towards understanding of her value and purpose in life – but not quite reaching it. Thus the title… Towards Understanding


The friend you could count on.

The neighbour who was kind enough to care.

The stranger reaching out with his palm.

The giving beggar who was blind.

The warm car that gave a ride.

The one who was there just when you need.

The child’s simple, thoughtful deed.

The sun shining on a rainy day.

The peaceful harmony a song once brought.

The hidden lessons in every moment of every day…

Moments conveniently there when they are sought.

* I was reading a lot of self-help books during the period of the writing of this poem, and it was at this time that I learned to look at the positive, enjoyable aspects of life – something quite new to me at the time. It is a brief record of moments that are frozen in time for me, moments that had profound impacts on my life.

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows and free resources and more at: www.brummet.ca

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