Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poetry & Radio Interview

-- Brummets In the Media --

Join host Tami Principe and myself, Lillian Brummet, for a 1/2 hour interview today at noon - pacific - on the  Womens Recreation Radio show. This will be a part 1 of a 2-part interview - Part 2 will air at the same time on July 28th.  If you are able to catch the live broadcast, there will be a live chat room open for listeners to join in or just watch what others are talking about in there... and listeners can call in too - the # will be listed on this site: Womens Recreation Radio - 

*This interview will also be archived, for those who 
cannot make the live broadcast.

-- Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month --

As promised, this blog will be celebrating Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month (July) by sharing poetry from published writers. Submission guidelines can be found on the July 3rd posting on this blog. (scroll down to find previous posts). 
Today I'll be sharing a poem with you from my book: Towards Understanding, revised edition, is a collection of 125 non-fiction poems written in chronological order. It is a true story of a young pre-teen female growing up on her own, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of inner demons and finally growing towards understanding of her value and purpose in life – but not quite reaching it. Thus the title… Towards Understanding. The reason behind the book was to show other victims of abuse, violence and neglect that they can live a wholesome life without baggage from the past. Second to that Lillian wanted to provide a road-map that showed the healing process that victims go through, letting others know they are not alone. People who are involved with victims can learn what that person is going through or will go through and therefore they might be able to provide a better support system. The original version of this book (with 120 poems) is still available in paperback through most online and retail bookstores. The new revised edition offers 5 new poems, creating an ending the author is more comfortable with, and updated author information.  Details at: 

This particular poem that I am sharing today depicts how many of us in society feel about the struggle to survive in this world. This poem is a lament for the pain that so many suffer and feel they can never get out of. We all know, deep in ourselves, that there is a way for us to make changes - when changes are necessary. Yet we are also influenced by outside walls, obsticles that keep our greatest efforts from making visual headway. It also laments the sacrifices that are made in our determined focus in life.
The Working Poor
We'll dig ourselves some grit,
And with our cardboard spoons,
And with our stiffened hands,
We'll work to find a spec of gold.
Never forgetting what's bought and sold,
Ever neglecting those we've worked to hold;
Forcing us on, the longing taking us there.
It is always lurking and beyond our control.
The pan grows rusty and holes appear,
Where the stones wore their way clear.
A pan, once new, once brought dreams.
Today - brings little more than despair.
Wondering where the paths we seek,
Could have hidden from our blistered feet.
The labyrinth shines well beyond our doors...
We are called the lost, and the working poor.

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