Saturday, September 11, 2010

Conscious Living, today

-- Quote of the Day --

“I reside in the lower east side of Manhattan… {the city} has over 400 community gardens. …New York has what is called the Green Thumb program – I really enjoy these community gardens, how these different communities will come together in different ways and create unique gardens. …about 8 of us got together and started cleaning up a lot… What was amazing was that while we were digging it out, people would stop by and say they would like to help out – others would lend a hand by doing… funky cool fence doors… a stage in the back of the garden… or donating lumber. …If you can get in {to the lot} and prove that you are cleaning it up, you can apply for Green Thumb status.”

~ Robert Galinsky, July 8 2010

Today's quote originates from a Conscious Discussions radio show interview with Robert that aired back on July 8th this year re:  Teens & Community Gardens  Click on the show title to access this inspiring interview, or look to the side bars on this blog for links to recently aired Conscious Discussions radio show episodes. 

-- Conscious Living Events --

Neighborhood Day 
Date: Sept 11
* What a great time to get a few gift cards together and place them in the doors of your neighbors - share how grateful you are for them as neighbors, how quiet they are, how conscious they are, how green they are, how beautiful their home is, how much you enjoy speaking with them on a summer Saturday morning... whatever it is that you want to celebrate - today is the day to do it. Perhaps a neighborhood barbecue party is in order? Or perhaps your kids would like to drop off some of your beautiful fall flowers as bouquets for the elderly in your area... Little things can make a big difference, as we all know. A small jar of homemade jam, some veggies or fruits from the garden - a thoughtful gift of muffins you've made from your kitchen. Let's celebrate each other today. Knowing your neighbors is a good thing - since if they like you, they'll look out for you, and your things!

Recycle Glass Week
Date: Sept 12 - 18
* Check out their Top 10 Reasons to Recycle Glass Bottles article!

International Coastal Cleanup Week
Date: Sept 12 - 18
* An International event involving more than as many as 100 countries and more than 700,000 individuals who participate in environmental clean up projects.

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