Monday, October 18, 2010

Youth, Literacy & Being Green

-- Quote of the Day --

…I have always been attracted to working with young people – they have great ideas, they are an incredible resource, they have tremendous energy and they are also conflicted. I have been working with teens using theater and poetry… and in many cases film making, to teach the principles of conflict resolution and how to get along with each other. We support and inspire each other …Some of these teens are doing amazing things – In Argentina there is a train that separates two communities, acting as a physical barrier. So {a 17-year-old teen} began to renovate the train cars… and now the communities share the train as a community center, and the doors are open on either side. …Another teen in Africa worked to get people to think more about recycling – {Others} are working to educate women and adults, {including} providing sanitary napkins, so that young girls can go to school.”

~ Robert Galinsky  

The quote of the day originates from a Conscious Discussions Talk radio show that aired back on July 8 2010 titled: Teens & Community Gardens - check it out via the hyper-linked title ...check out recently aired Conscious Discussions Talk radio show via the sidebar on this blog :)

 -- Conscious Events --

October is both Library Month and Women's History Month - a great way to combine the two is to visit the local library branch and take out historically great women's writers and women's stories. :)

-- Positive Eco-News --


Youth in Japan have launched the Green Explorer Project back in '09 and has continued annually ever since. This 3-month project is an environmental project for students all over the world, inspiring global cooperation by having the youth send messages about efforts and thoughts on building a sustainable society.   

-- Brummet's in the Media --

I will be interviewed live this evening on the Authors Articulating radio show - with host, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen.

LIVE interview airs at: 7 PM (pacific), a chat room will also be open

Direct link to the interview:

This interview will also be archived for those who cannot make the live show 

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