Friday, December 17, 2010

Uplifting with Encouraging Words

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Those who are lifting the world upward and onward 
Are those who encourage more than criticize."
~ Elizabeth Harrison
 -- Chatter --

Whew! The day is already well on the way and I feel like I am dragging along behind the ticking of the clock. ...Well, at least I'm not throwing a tantrum - yet. :)

I kid, of course, and actually feel blessed that there is so much to do. So many other writers continue to struggle to build a strong networking team, to develop a strong contact list, to have outlets like a radio show and a blog to manage - and so, I am blessed. Today finds me under a mountain of emails, and January show outlines to develop. I was hoping to get back to the last of the first edits of the second book in the Trash Talk series - but that will have to wait for another day or two. I'll be all too happy to hand that project over to Dave for the final proofreading and formatting stages. This project is due to be published in late January 2011 or perhaps early February.

We should have the finishing touches on website for the updates on the Purple Snowflake Marketing book completed this next weekend - which means we can do the same things for the website pages that deal with the other 2 books. Hopefully this project will be completed at the same time (or before) the book release in early 2011. Once 2011 arrives we'll see all 4 books come out in print before Spring, we'll begin a new marketing plan launch, as well as working on the next book project.

So as you can see, the office is just flying right now. Lists upon lists of "to-do's"... :)  Honestly, though, it is one of the most exciting events in our writing career so far.  As such, I'm begging your forgiveness for today's post... I have to get back to the work load, but I do hope that you'll scroll through the archived posts, or look through the links on the side-bars of this blog - there is a lot of information and resources there to check out :)

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