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Today's featured guest has been a holistic family doctor for over 25 years, and while retired from his practice now his work in this regard is only just beginning. Dr. Tom Potisk is author of the popular Whole Health Healing book and is here to speak about his near death experience and how it prompted him to pursue leaving a legacy today, instead of waiting for it to happen. What appeals to me most about this guest is the presence of his passion to make a difference: "I believe that taking more personable responsibility for one’s health especially with natural/holistic methods is the solution to the health care crisis; teaching that is my mission.  I’m delighted to be a part of that." 

 Be sure to check out his website after reading the interview where he has several health information reports for you to access at no cost. Look for his upcoming The Healing Cookbook there as well! -  Find Tom @  or

Q: What prompted you to write this book?

A: I really never dreamed I'd be a writer. I never even learned how to type. My full time career as a busy holistic family doctor, using mainly chiropractic, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling, provided me a very comfortable existence. But I observed all these amazing recoveries in people using natural methods, and found myself saying "Wow, somebody should let more people know about this!" I came to know that I was that somebody. But it took a near death experience to make me take action.

Q: A near death experience?

A: Yes, I experienced a series of ever increasing wake-up calls but I stubbornly resisted. That culminated in me nearly drowning one January afternoon when I broke through the ice of a lake while riding a snowmobile. I survived that horrifying incidence strictly by the grace of God and crawled across the ice in shock and nearly frozen knowing without a doubt, that I had been gifted with a second chance to take action on my calling. The next morning I sat down and started pecking at the keys of my laptop, the book Whole Health Healing
came flooding out like water over Niagara Falls.

Q: What makes your book different than the many other natural/holistic health books out there? 

A: Most of the other books are written by either celebrities or "medical defectors" who have very little formal training or experience with natural/holistic health. Mine is loaded with my experiences and training over my 25 year career helping patients of all ages with problems like migraines, fibromyalgia, hypertension, disc injuries, baby colic, bedwetting, and you name it. 

Also, the other books frequently relent with "Talk to your doctor first before trying...." But they fail to see that people have
been trying to talk to their conventional doctors for decades but are frustrated by the insurance hassles, rushed staff, pharmaceutical industry influence, and are wising up to the fact that the invasive treatments offered (medications and surgeries) carry high risk not to mention expense. My book recognizes the frustration and empowers people to have more control, take more responsibility for their own health, and become free from relying strictly on conventional medical care. 

Q: Does the information in the book eliminate the need for medical care?

A: Not at all, but it does show people how to minimize it, and likely save loads of money as a result. There always will be a need for medical care especially in cases of emergencies or crisis. Ideally the holistic and medical providers should work together for the good of the patient; but that's in a perfect world and I don't see that happening anytime soon. So I decided to take my information directly to the public. I even included a chapter called How to Talk to Your Doctor where patients learn what questions to ask, maintain control, and get the best from both sides.

Q: Questions like?

A: For example, when given a prescription for any non-emergency health situation, patients should ask "Thank you doctor for your recommendation, but will you work with me as I pursue a more natural approach?" I even provide a list of several like-minded questions on a tear out sheet so people who are timid can hand it to their doctors. Be prepared to see a red-faced doctor!

Q: You're known as the Down to Earth doctor. What's with that? 

A: (He laughs) My patients started calling me that a few years ago. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but now I embrace it because they labeled me well both for my own holistic lifestyle and my conversational teaching ability. ...I'm really quite a simple person.

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