Saturday, March 5, 2011

E-waste & Easy Eco-Projects

 -- Positive Eco-News --

During the most recent Positive Eco-News segment of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio, one of the listeners mentioned some curiosity about e-waste... and I wanted to follow up on some of this today. Of course we've done several shows in the past on this subject, interviews with professionals in the e-waste industry, however I saw an ad by the program for electronics recycling here in BC (Canada) and found that the program has grown quite a bit. 

Display devices (such as monitors and TVs), desktop computers, portable computers and computer peripherals (such as keyboards and mice) are all recyclable. This has grown to include: scanners, printers, fax machines, non-cellular phones and answering machines, vehicle audio and video systems, including speakers, home audio and video systems including record players and speakers, personal or portable audio and video systems such as ghetto boxes and cameras.

– Wow! - Lots of things are accepted now. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything for things like kitchen appliances and microwaves – hopefully the recycling systems will include these in their upcoming programs. These items that the recycling system collects are sent to approved recycling companies within North America, keeping the environmental impact from shipping to a minimum. The reclaimed materials are cleaned or refined and then sold as material for manufacturers to use in new products.

Of course we can always donate our electronics and appliances that are in still good working order to charitable organizations that use them to help poverty stricken areas. Be sure to have someone wipe out all the information, files and anything personal on your computer before donating or giving your electronics away.

-- Easy Eco-Projects  -- 
* Switching to CFL's saves up to 75% of lighting energy costs; switch to LED's and save another 15% in lighting costs 

* Purchase and install a programmable thermostat. This will regulate the heating and cooling costs by ensuring the building is not being heated/cooled when no one is there, or when the occupants are sleeping. These thermostats also reduce the chance of forgetting to manually turn it down when leaving the office or going to bed, or on vacation.

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