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-- Quote of the Day --

 "What I like in a good author isn't what he says, but what he whispers."
                                  ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

-- Literacy in Middletown --

Today we are featuring Lora Wiedenheft, of - This site is owned by Lora and run with the help of Mechele, Sarah and Patti, the team takes turns publishing book reviews while Lora manages the author interviews… among other related posts – with a focus of “fighting childhood illiteracy one book at a time”.

Q: How did you first become aware of the unique literacy issues that your area faces?

A Lot of people including my parents migrated here to Middletown Ohio from Kentucky. With little or no education brought with them. So I think the problem has always been here. Our school district isn't very good here. The teachers are overwhelmed kids fall through the system. I felt I needed to help somehow.

Q: What called you to do something about this problem?

I am an avid YA reader. I was acquiring books as soon as they hit store shelves and reading them just as fast. Well I got overloaded with books. I took some and donated to the Middletown public library and what I found out was that the books I was taking in were being shared by 3 different libraries were sharing them so Middletown youth wasn't getting them. My daughter Jessica suggested the high school when I called them they were ecstatic about them. What I discovered was the school had not gotten any new books in 3 years because of funding. It started me on a mission to solve that problem.

Q: And this developed into the partnership you have with Mechele and Sarah on the Read For Your Future Blog?

I created the blog to bring awareness to the illiteracy problems in our youth today. When I started the blog it had nothing to do with the school issue. Mechele joined me as a reviewer and right hand gal. She's been there for me… always encouraging me. Sarah is my daughter and I am so proud of her she has taken to reviewing so quickly and she has a natural talent for it. Patti is my newest reviewer she is very good too and she is a quick reader and a godsend. I had to have a team since word has gotten out books are flooding in.

Q: No blog is published without having an intended audience to serve, how do you go about keeping fresh traffic heading to the blog?

I have YA book giveaways that change monthly. I join a lot of blog hops. 2 Months ago I started having popular author interviews. I try to watch the other reading blogs and go with the flow. I started it in May 2010 and so far I have had over 16,700 hits. I am averaging about 2000 hits per month. I'm very proud of that.

Q: Your blog sounds like a great way for authors to get some additional exposure as well... What are your guidelines for submissions?

I try to stick with YA books once in a while we will have an adult writer on there. I try to pick authors that have donated their books to use for review then given to the high school. I haven't really set up guidelines because the interview is a question and answer interview. They answer what I ask. I just want it kept clean it is a YA site.

Q: If there was one thing you would want our readers participate in, some call of action to help literacy organization - what would it be?

Donate either to your local high school – just call your local high school ask them if they can use your slightly used books! Or you can email me: and request the address so that you can mail us your slightly used books. Our slogan is: “Determined to put books into the hands of teenagers!”

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