Saturday, April 2, 2011

Of Old Tires, Green Gardens & Contests

-- Quote of the Day --

“Herbicides and pesticides used in our lawns are washed into the water ways – also affecting other animals from birds to deer and bear… so we are affecting a larger chain of life than we may have realized. …they also kill beneficial insects from lady bugs to butterflies - disrupting an entire ecosystem by using pesticides and herbicides. …Remember every time you walk through a lawn (or park) where these chemicals are used, you are bringing them back in your home …and pets can bring this back on their paws, and then lick their paws to clean them off. ...make sure you  have notice before your neighborhood has spraying going on so that you can close your windows and avoid having it drift in on the breeze.” 

~ Dagney McKinley 

Today's quote originates from the interview: Nature & Literature, which aired back on Feb 22nd via the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show... *click on the show title to access the full interview or the radio show link to access the home page.

-- Positive Eco-News --

Used tires - this is the time of year when we are cleaning out the garage and storage spaces, and in northern climates we are changing the winter tires over to summer tires. What to do with all those tires? Did you know that there is an incredible amount of valuable resources in those tires? That by recycling them, you help reduce your country's fossil fuel consumption?

We have an entire chapter dedicated to tires in our Trash Talk - It's Easy to be Green e-book series, Vol 1 that discusses a variety of ways to reuse tires prior to recycling and offers some interesting stats on the recycling tire industry as well. 

In the October 2010 Recycling Product News e-zine I learned that of a new technology in the industry: Reverse Polymerization, which uses microwaves to extract oil from tires, and other by products, without producing emissions.

There's a new facility owned by Environmental Waste International Inc located in Ontario, Canada that uses this technology and will be recycling about 300,000 tires annually - producing "240,000 US gallons of oil, 2 million pounds of carbon black, and 600,000 pounds of steel" in the process. 

Carbon Black, by the way, is a material that is used in the creation of rubber, tinting agents, toner for office equipment and other items. 

-- Brummets In the Media -- 

*Don't forget to enter the draw for the contest listed in yesterday's post on this blog, just scroll down to view previous posts... Contest ends at midnight tonight, April 2nd. ...So far we have about a dozen entries. ...We'll have another contest soon, so keep watching the blog for prizes that might interest you!

Check out the Literary R&R blog run by Mandy Shemery - for the article: Writing Life - I visited her site today and saw that she has a contest going on today as well, with e-books as the prize. Check it out via her link (above) - and leave a comment on our article there, which was published today.

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