Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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In keeping with our topic today: Youth - I wanted to share with you a poem (in lieu of the Quote of the Day) excerpted from my book Towards Understanding. This particular piece was written during a momentary depression over ethics in society - how we are taught not to be all these "good" things and that life will be rosey, but we are not taught that most adults are not able to live up to this ideal, and the world is a lot harsher than idealistic childhood views can be. We often think, as children, that when we grow up things will be brighter, better... but it isn't always so - at least not without a great deal of time and effort... and sometimes, losing connections with false friendships along the way. So this is the emotion that this poem is trying to express.

Beguiling Youth

*excerpted from page 135 of Towards Understanding

Self-criticism denies me experiences while shame holds me in my past.
Doubt in social circles leads me to my own grounds where thoughts are cast.
Shadowed by a hint of sorrow my glee over my acquirements dwindles. 
...A sense of an invasive realism blossoms, firmly melting fiction away.
And as I stand in a puddle of wholesome ideals once preached,
I insanely stamp in it, sending it splattering to the heated ground,
So that it sizzles away with my anger. 
And rising, the steam reaches for the stars...
And as it rises I dare it to return in showers of answers and brilliant justice...
Which will cool my fury over the beguiling innocence of youth.

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Quiana Green is joining today as our featured guest on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show to speak about inner city youth and young adults. So many youth just are not given the opportunities to hone life skills – and this need inspired her to create the No Vacancy ENT for youth.  

Join us today for a discussion on Inner City Youth - live from 10-11 AM (pacific) *a chat room will be open for live listeners... or access the archive show later on at your convenience. Either way, the hyper-linked show title will get you there.


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