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We have a special guest dropping in today, Criss White, offering thoughts on the world of poetry in the article below. Criss enjoys writing poetry just for fun, but also writes in the genres of babies, parenting, baby shower ideas and writing new baby poems.  

When are poems useful in life?
By Criss white

Poetry sounds great and romantic, yet it appears to be a somehow archaic way of expressing thoughts and emotions. Many people believe that poetry can no longer be used in real life. It was something great during Shakespeare's age but today's busy and hectic world has left no room for poetry.
The truth about poetry is that it adds something extra special to everyday occurrences, parties and special moments. Verses can be easily incorporated in real life activities. These lines will be even more special, if you have attempted writing on your own.

Does it sound impossible to weave poetry into real life? Read on to find out when it can be used and how it will add a bit of sparkle to a simple, routine day.

When You Fall in Love
Love and poetry go hand in hand. Classic love poems can turn into the most romantic and beautiful ways to express sentiments and to reveal emotions. You can have a poem written on a card or recited to a favorite person.

Love poems can also be used when proposing to someone. Lovers are poets by heart and they become very sensitive to such gentle messages.

Many people start writing poems when they fall in love. Though these verses are very often far from literature masterpieces, they have the power to move deeply a lover. If you want to make a romantic evening extra special, you should have a poem card written for the person that you love.

When You Want to Make Someone Feel Extra Special
Taking the time to write a poem or to discover a beautiful verse for someone will make that person feel extra special.

You can use poems to improve the mood of someone or to show that person your love and appreciation. It does not have to be presented in any special way. A poem sent via e-mail will be just as effective as the poem written on a card.

Use poems to make loved ones feel better. These can be sent or written for no occasion whatsoever.
Setting the Mood and Decorating a Home

Poem posters or framed words of wisdom can be used to decorate your home and to set the mood in each room.

Some words of wisdom or beautiful verses can be written in a beautiful manner and framed to turn into decorations. These poems show what you believe in and how you feel. They will affect the energy and ambiance in your own home.

The manner in which the poem is written and framed can turn the poster into a wonderful accessory that makes your home look even better.

Making People Laugh
Funny poems can make people laugh. Use those as jokes and in order to become the heart and soul of the company.

Poems can be easily turned into something hilarious and enjoyable. Naïve rhymes or little clever verses will get people rolling on the floor with laughter. If you want to make others feel happy and amused, you should begin looking for and memorizing funny poems. 

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