Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recycling, Composting, Green Business

 -- Quote of the Day --

“…We have a tendency to focus on what is negative, on what is going wrong… A lot of times because we misdefine happiness we are expecting things that are not realistic. …There is a difference between ‘pleasure’ and there is ‘well-being’. …‘Pleasure’ is buying the newest and greatest gadget or eating an amazing chocolate-chip cookie of cake – but we need to understand that this is not going to bring us happiness.  That sense of well-being; that sense of passion; that sense of literally getting up every day and being excited to be a part of life… 
Do I feel a sense of peace? Do I feel a sense of wholeness? 
…that is what we are looking for. ” 

~ Elizabeth Lombardo

Today's quote origins are in the Recipe for Happiness interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions show back on June 7 of this year. Check out the full interview via the hyper-linked show title (above).

-- Positive Eco-News --

Kudos to the city of Seattle (USA) for their wonderful accomplishments in accelerating the recycling and composting rate in their area. Their goal is to divert 70% of the municipal waste to recycling and composting by 2025, which is about 45,000 tons more then they are able to accomplish at the moment. The article I read on this stated that some of this increase is due to strong markets for recycled paper materials and more efficient food waste collections. Families have significantly increased their participation by nearly 3% since 2009. Interestingly, the cities initiatives are planning to include apartments and condos, and reduction programs such as a phone-book opt-out project they are currently working on. Still, about half of Seattle's city garbage consists of recyclable and compostable materials.
-- Conscious Living Event --

Coming up tomorrow:

Aug 12 - Clean Business Investment Summit – Where socially responsible investors and service providers meet socially responsible entrepreneurs. 
Location: Corwin Pavilion UCSB (CA, USA)

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