Saturday, September 10, 2011

basic fundamentals of life

-- Quote of the Day --

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious.
Success is the natural consequence 
of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." 

~ Jim Rohn

 Today's quote has me thinking of one of the 'basic fundamentals' of life - and that is taking some time to recharge our mental batteries. Decision making and efficiency declines when we are stressed, have low energy due to improper nutrients or rest - and this affects how our work is presented as well. So it really is important to take time for you, and only you - regularly. I'm learning this lesson this year myself and have found it quite difficult to actually use the days I book off for rest. Like most of you there's laundry, and lawns, and many other chores or responsibilities that get in the way of time off from the office. It isn't easy to let the dishes go unwashed or let the berries in the garden go unpicked, but training ourselves to do this is essential. If not, our work will suffer in the end and our success is then compromised. To top it off we might get nasty with others around us... 

I used to book only 3 days off per month, but have changed this to taking a few days per week this summer in order to manage all the things we are doing outside of the office, and to practice this 'me' time. Today I'm dedicating the entire day just to me, myself and I. Not one chore, not one phone call, not one email. In fact, this blog post is pre-written and pre-scheduled, so that I can keep the office door closed for the entire day. (wish me luck with that!) 

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