Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newsletter & Radio Show !

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today's episode features another Best of 2007 - Vol #9 - offering two wonderful experts, one from Texas (US) and the other from BC (Canada)... on the topic of Literacy. Learn about the importance of literacy organizations and some of the incredible opportunities they offer for their communities. Join us live at 10-11 AM Pacific and drop in the live chat room, if you are able. Or access the archived episode at your convenience later on.

Just click on this link below:

-- Newsletter --

YES ! it is time for another issue of the Brummet's Muse Newsletter. We took a bit of a hiatus for a couple of months allowing us to relocate to another community and set up the office here. The newsletter is due for release on Dec 1st... so if you haven't joined in the mailing list, you are welcome to do so via our site:  www.brummet.ca :)

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