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We have a very inspiring interview from an individual dedicated to social change by hands on work with the poor and healing the nations sick and ailing people... and his ability to write about nursing, but also to celebrate an amazing individual who inspired him - his father.

Barry Wiener, an accomplished RN based in Texas (USA), is the son of celebrated New York City police officer Norman Wiener. Norman, a 32 year veteran as a policeman retired with the rank of Deputy Inspector - running the 83 precinct and notably, overseeing security for the funeral of Robert Kennedy. Despite the demands of his work. Norman always found time for his children, imparting daily his unique take on life, work and people. CYA (Cover Your Ass) is Officer Norman Wiener's novel brought to publication by his son, Barry. It was a pledge to his dying mother that he would bring his father's stories to light, now that his father has succumbed to Alzheimers.
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Q: Tell us Barry - how would a good friend describe you?

They would describe me as being ambitious with a strong drive and never taking no for an answer. People see me as naturally funny. I am constantly trying to improve myself. I became certified in critical care nursing (CCRN). This the hardest certification a nurse can take. I am the author of two published nursing articles. I was inducted  into the Honor Society of  Nursing in 2004 and was awarded Distinguished Nurse Clinician of the year in 2004. I obtained my Master of Nursing in 2006  from the University of Phoenix. I joined Toastmasters in order to help promote my father's book and become a better speaker

Q:  So what are your goals in life - and how do you plan to accomplish these goals?

My long range goals are to retire from nursing within the next 7 years and work part time at the bedside and part time teaching nursing in a university. My short term goals is to have the screenplay of my father's book C.Y.A. made into a movie. I am working with my screen writer friend, Bob, to make this dream happen.

Q: When you think of the word "success", what does it mean to you?
When the patient's family member thanks me for doing a good job, when I am taking care of their loved one in the ICU. Then I know that I am a success. When a get a good speech evaluation from a tough evaluator at Toastmaster, then I was a success that day.  

Q: Barry, what inspires you?

People who excel in their field. My father is my main inspiration. He was a great leader and he taught me basic principles in handling people who I have to supervise, he should me how to handle a potential violent situation with just using words to stop someone dead in their tracts. I also learned the art of taking a standardized test from him.

Q: The world is changing so fast, and people have to evolve to keep up to it... what are your thoughts on the world we see today? 
The world is a tough place and people are too dependent on technology. However, I still believe if you can see your dream in your mind, then you can make it happen. This will happen only if you never give up and stop listening to negative people.

Q: Great response! Would you like to share with our readers what your current passion is as far as contributing to positive social change?

I am a highly skilled critical care nurse and I am helping taking care of the poor people in my city. I am also help training new nurses and teach future nurses because I teach nursing students who rotate in my unit. My dream is let the world know about  the legendary leader Captain David Singer AKA Norman Wiener my father.

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