Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Music, Water & Writing

-- Quote of the Day --

“...I was a professional musician for most of my life and so for me when I sit down to write, it is like playing music – 
I hear the rhythm and the sounds of the words… 
for me is is about the whole visceral impact of the words… 
how they sound; how they move. 
…so when I sit down to type it is like playing piano or playing keyboard. 
Writing feels like singing, it is like music coming out.”

~ Lynn Serafinn 

Today's quote is a passage from a recent Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show episode -  Show Title: Is Marketing Making Us Ill?

*Access the full discussion via the link below:

-- Positive Eco-News --

I read (on the newsletter) that a heavy machinery manufacturer - Kawaski Heavy Industries Ltd - has been focusing on tidal power generation systems and was selected as one of the companies contracted to do research into ocean energy power generation via New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Wave power has been around for quite some time - friends of ours once had a cabin on some property with a small creek that was used to power some of their electricity needs via a small machine that sat in the creek, absorbing the energy stored in the flow of the water itself. A few years ago we had a green energy expert come on our show to talk about desalination plants and wave energy plants. It is a low impact energy source that could very well supply most of the energy needs for coastal and river communities. Here in BC (Canada) a lot of our energy is generated from hydro power plants placed strategically along our fast moving rivers and some lake systems. 

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