Friday, March 30, 2012

Greening the Home or Office

-- Quote of the Day --

"I've learned that we cannot forget or throw away our past, But we must not allow our past to control us either. We must learn and grow from our past failures, disappointments, pains and experiences. Reset our goals and priorities... and move forward. 
Start TODAY, by Un-Ty-ing the knots that LIMIT you!

~ Ty Howard

-- Tips to Green Your Home or Office -- 

You can save a lot of money and feel good about greening your home or office this Spring with some easy activities that require very little time or effort. 

Air leaks in the home can reach 25-40% of the heat and cooling costs, and a home that is drafty or has moisture problems and high electric or gas bills will be harder to sell. Easy ways to keep the heat or cool air in the house include closing blinds and windows and doors until the sun hits the windows in the winter, then open them to allow the solar heat and light to enter the home. Do the exact opposite in the summer – open window coverings only when the sun is not on that side of the house, and open doors or windows to bring in cool morning and evening air only. In the winter be sure to placing plastic over the windows using the clear plastic kits. 

Caulking around window and door frames and baseboards, installing door sweeps and weather strips on the doors, caulking around holes where pipes, vents, cords are entering the home on exterior walls, insulating electric outlets and light switches with foam sealers, additional insulation in the attic, weather stripping around the attic hatch, seal foundation cracks, and close off the chimney when not in use. 

Replacing windows, doors and skylights can save you 12% of your heating and cooling costs, while increasing security and the value of your home.   
Plumbing, electric cords, bathroom vents, and pipes often have gaps in the walls or ceilings they penetrate… seal those. 

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