Friday, May 4, 2012

Green Glass & Volunteering

-- Quote of the Day --

“It takes a community to help a community, where one person is awesome – 20 people are even better. …Just hug somebody and say something, just see what is going on – and then follow the heart. To just close your eyes and walk away saying ‘I don’t want any part of that’ or not allowing the heart to reach you is unacceptable. …Community helping communities – getting together to address these issues. It is important.” 

~ Jeannie Kerrigan

Today's quote was excerpted from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show episode titled: Ricky’s Revenge Org.

-- Positive News --

 Kudos to Nikon!
Formally, optical glass was made using toxic chemicals like Chromium, lead and arsenic… but recently the company designed a new type of optic glass that is free of toxic chemicals. They’ve also switched to lead-free solder and installed waste-to-energy systems at their facilities. Their efforts go beyond the production line - Employees and their families also volunteer at a wide variety of events such as planting trees and for workshops on eco-homes and biodiversity.

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