Friday, June 8, 2012

Green Radio Shows (part 2)

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It is time for a new list of recommended resources for our blog readers... today's post is the last installment of a 2 part series offering other green and conscious living radio shows that may appeal to you. 

* The list of shows are excerpted from the Health and/or Environment Ebooks of Talk Radio Shows compiled and submitted to us by “Talk Radio Advocate” Francine Silverman. To view the descriptions and prices of all 16 ebooks ranging from Animals to Sports, please visit

Title of Show:  GreenTalk Radio
Name of Host: Sean Daily
Theme: Environment, Ecology
Where Aired: Apple iTunes,,,,
Guest Profile: LOHAS industry authors, experts, CEOs, celebrities involved in activism
Phone:  877-548-4733
Best Method of Contact: Email 


Title of Show: Hill & Dale Show 
Name of Host: Lucie Hill & Sharon Dale 
Theme: Environmental news & trends 
Where Aired:  LA Talk Radio    
Guest Profile: Anyone involved in the "green" movement. That includes authors, scholars, lawmakers, businesses, agencies, artists and nonprofits.
Phone: 310-488-7270  Sharon     949-701-3940  Lucie   (cell)
Best Method of Contact:  Email


Title of ShowMoir's Environmental Dialogues, Ocean River Shields of Achilles
Name of Host:
Rob Moir, Ph.D. Environmental Studies
: With the knowledge of Carson and the courage of Achilles, individuals are steadfastly going the distance to defend wildlife and ecosystems from assaults of environmental degradations and destructions. Join environmental studies scientist Dr. Rob Moir for lively dialogue and revealing narrative inquiry into how individuals are overcoming the obstacles turning forlorn hope into effective actions for oceans, rivers, watersheds, wildlife and ecosystems. Discover how listening to individuals, thinking locally, and acting in concert with others, you can act to save ecosystems. Act to bring about a greener and blue Planet Earth.
Where Aired:
The Green Talk Network (Voice America). For free iTunes podcast search "Moir's." 
Guest Profile: Individuals who are going the distance for a greener and bluer planet earth
: For information on past programs:
Click on episodes for more information and for the version that guests post on their websites. Bio's are generally only on Voice America. 
Phone:  617-661-6647
Best Method of Contact
: Email, and phone is office phone where my assistant will pick up if I'm not available.  I am in Cambridge MA (Eastern Time).

Title of Show: Naturally Vibrant Living  
Name of Host:  Diane Brandon
Theme:  Green Topics/Green Living  (including environmental issues, wildlife, non-toxic living, alternative/complementary health and wellness, etc.)
Where Aired: Blog Talk Radio  
Guest Profile: Knowledgeable experts with credible expertise in their fields (e.g., researchers) or those with direct and unique experience in a green area.  (For example, I interviewed a man in Scotland who had foregone grocery stores and grew his own food.)
Phone: 919 237-3204
Best Method of Contact:  Email


Title of Show:  Smart Green Travel 
Name of Host:  Jerry Hart
Theme:  Jerry Hart will help all of us literally go green as we learn tips to travel eco-consciously, see the planet we are working so hard to preserve, share ideas and gather ways on how to continue our green journey while at the same time learning to relax and enjoy every minute we have on this great big home we call Mother Earth.
Where Aired:  Green 960 AM and streaming at
Guest Profile: Travel attractions, destinations, and/or products and services that first and foremost have a green mission with their message. Smart Green Travel with Jerry Hart is about Eco-Travel with a spiritual and personable interview approach. We promote commercial, non profit or government based green organizations. We are always looking for great stories and a commitment to green that could lead to organic opportunities to get the word out for you.
Website:  Live  Previous shows
Phone:   925-849-4084 
Best Method of Contact: Email, phone

Title of Show: Zentertainment Talk Radio 
Name of Host:
Jo Davidson
Helping people turn challenges into opportunities.
Where Aired:
Online radio podcast
Guest Profile
: Featuring interviews with NY TIMES best selling authors, doctors and healers focusing on green living and holistic health. Featuring people who have overcome major life challenges. Also featuring music from indie artists.
Best Method of Contact
: Email is the best method for contacting Jo and Zentertainment Talk Radio

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