Saturday, July 28, 2012

camping foods

I had some amazing food products sent to me for evaluation from eFoodsDirect

We waited until we went camping in our little RV trailer to test the foods, since one of the recommended applications is for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. The first meal I tried was the Tortilla Soup, and before it was half cooked I hear “That smells good”, and turned to see hubby Dave poking his head into the camper while I was cooking it for our lunch. We both found the meal to present a lovely Mexican flavored thick soup with very healthy ingredients including sea salt (my personal preference) although it was a bit salty for me. However Dave felt that was probably a good thing for outdoor activities after perspiring when one is typically prone to reach for the saltshaker. I was using a thin copper camping pot and found that it did scorch a bit on the bottom of the pan, as the instructions did say to boil for 12-15 min – however I feel a slight simmer would have been better. Covering the pot would keep it from getting too thick, and would help it cook more efficiently. It was a warm soothing kind of meal –perfect for cooler or rainy days and cooks fast enough that you don’t have to hover over a stove very long – all you need is water. The veggies were, surprisingly, still flavorful – the carrots tasted like fresh carrots, the bits of red pepper were sweet and tasty. The second day we tried the Creamy Potato Soup for lunch, which we both loved. It had a nice thickness and good texture. The flavor was almost like it was made at home, but I think it would be improved with a dash of Cajun seasoning, hot sauce, salsa or garlic. The next day we made the Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole and had a container of leftovers to serve along with lunch the following day. This was a delicious meal and I was surprised at how satisfying it was.

Only 20 minutes from our gas stove to the bowl and hearty enough to satisfy two very hungry adults. The nutritional facts section shows the meals as being able yield four servings, however we found that without a side dish it was really good for the two of us… with the exception of the Chicken Casserole, which could definitely serve three people, or four if there was a side dish too.  One note of concern was raised when we read of the high sodium content in the nutritional facts section for the three meals we were sent (ranging from 19-38%).

The most impressive point of these meals was in reading the list of ingredients where we learned that the meals were vegetarian and focused on nutrition. We also learned that the company is dedicated to using farm fresh, dehydrated ingredients that are grown without harmful chemicals or processed with preservatives. The fact that these thin envelopes could produce such hearty meals was also impressive. And I really loved the idea their long life – some of their meals are said to be good for 20 years in storage.

Despite having an aversion to instant or prepackaged meals, I certainly recommend that people check out eFoodsDirect where they can find individual meals or a range of different sized packages of bulk food supplies that will feed a single adult anywhere from one week to a year. Great for areas that are prone to food transport disruption or areas that are prone to natural disasters. For the survivalist this is a dream come true and for the outdoor person – well you couldn’t get any easier, more nutritious and convenient than eFoodsDirect LLC (

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