Saturday, September 8, 2012

Green Society

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“Only 25% of the population actually has plans in place. …a ‘visitation’ and a ‘viewing’ is when the embalmed body is put on display at the funeral home and the family receives family, coworkers, neighbors who might have known the deceased, done in advance of the funeral itself. Some traditions involve no embalming and the body is disposed of within 24 hours. You can refrigerate for up to four days without embalming. A ‘memorial service’ is when you don’t have the body or remains present. …A ‘reception’ can be done anywhere. 
…Let me give you some numbers about the resources used in burials - There was a study done by Cornel University that showed there are 285 thousand gallons of embalming fluids are put into the ground every single year… enough concrete in terms of vaults that protect caskets could build a 2 lane highway from New York to Detroit every single year; enough copper and bronze used every single year that could build a Golden Gate Bridge. 
That is what is going into the ground every single year; but there are alternatives that we can choose that don’t use these resources.”

~ Gail Rubin

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Plan for a Green Funeral

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True, there are some merits to using this valuable and free source, which we will never fully exploit if we do not change our ways. Some will dispute that it is challenging to generate the power needed. While it may be true, there are different sources available and we just need to know which ones are practical depending on the terrain and location.

Additional green sources such as wind, water, sun and earth do not produce any harmful emissions; this is not the same for a coal and nuclear power plant.

Coal power plants are constantly emitting carbon dioxide into the air; this may not be a serious concern to the public, but what if these coal power plants were to grow in numbers every year? 
Would your level of concern rise if this were to happen?

Nuclear power plants on the other hand do not release any harmful clouds into the environment. If another nuclear accident were to happen, could the fatal disaster be contained? We can never forget about the nuclear accidents that happened in the past and prevent any further accidents in the future.
Alternative energy sources are not free of any upkeep, but in the end, we save money because these do it yourself projects have little or no cost at all to operate or build.

For centuries, we have felt the sun's warm rays on our body, the wind in our hair and the rain on our faces. Exhausting these natural energy sources is not possible and by using green energy, our dependency on fossil fuel will fade away, which is a non renewable resource.

The next generation should not have to inherit our mess and any other future problems we leave behind. In spite of global leaders having summits on climate change and green house gas emissions, very little is happening to improve the environment.

Voicing our concerns on the environment will not make a difference, but building more solar panels, wind turbines and the elimination or reduction of coal and nuclear power plants will.

Using green energy is the answer to the environmental problems in our world. By spending more on alternative energy for fuel, people will not have to depend on utility companies for their power needs because they will become self-reliant and free.

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