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Save Money This Winter, article

 -- Quote of the Day -- 

“…My activism, politics and writing kind of merged. I worked for newspapers for a number of years and was always interested in the human-interest stories – the good things they’ve done. I became a freelancer for a while, worked for a few magazines. …These stories need to be captured and kept and archived so that they can be there for the next generation – they can kind of stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before them and continue the work for peace and justice. …The nice thing about a book – it is a permanent document to share people’s stories. One of our goals is to get people to share their stories because that can break down barriers and create a better community.”

~ Burt Berlowe

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Compassionate Heroes

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 - 10 Tips to Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter -

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1 – We’ve all experienced that moment you sit down in a warm room with a couple of tea in front on TV, until you feel a cold breeze. Instead of turning the heating up, buy a draft excluder – this stops the cold air from coming into the room and the warm air leaving. You can buy all kinds of designs to match your décor.

2 – A recent report revealed that 33% of a home’s heating is lost through the walls. Take the time to ensure your home is well insulated before the start of winter. This will keep the heat in for longer.

3 – A lot of people don’t realise that the cold air from outside comes down your chimney, causing a huge draft. Buy a chimney balloon to prevent the cold air from entering your home.

4 – One of the worst things that can happen in winter is a boiler breakdown. Have your boiler serviced annually to detect and potential problems early. This will save you money by preventing you from using other means to keep warm.
5 – There’s nothing quite like being curled up on the sofa next to the radiator on a cold night. However, putting your sofa or any other furniture in front of the radiator will stop the heat from circulating around the room.

6 - Shop around and check out other heating oil suppliers. It may be worth changing supplier. Speedy Fuels are a supplier of carbon clean kerosene, a heating oil that improves your boiler efficiency and will save you money in the long run.
7 – It appears that tin foil has yet another use. Put a piece behind your radiator – this reflects the heat back into the room instead of being lost through the wall. Any of other piece of foil will also work.

8 – Windows are one of the worst areas in the home for drafts. Buy some curtains with an extra thick lining – this can prevent heat loss by as much as 25%. Some stores are now selling thermal curtains.

9 - Set the timer on your thermostat to decrease the room temperature by 10 degrees while you're at work and when you're in bed. This can save you 14% on your heating bill.

10 - Some people often forget that it's your central heating that makes your water hot. Purchase a water-efficient shower head. These can use up to 50% less water, which will be a huge saving on your heating bill. Ecocamel is just one of many water-efficient shower heads available.

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