Friday, February 8, 2013

What we can do about the problems youth face

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“The reason why there is a deficit in participation – is that the mass media projects the message that you are not enough, that someone else is prettier, more inventive, more creative; but the exact opposite is what is true. And so the more that people recognize that right where you are is what you need to set the world on fire – you can shake the world up with just one awakened consciousness at a time.  …I’ve discovered that there is more in me that I sometimes give myself credit for, I have the ability to be resilient, and if I procrastinate someone loses… I now recognize that I have a direct link to the success and well-being and heights that someone else can reach. …I want people to know that we are designing our lives either consciously or unconsciously – but if we are unconsciously designing our lives then we are giving away the power over our lives, that we are living someone else’s script. …A lot of the teens out there are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder – a lack of positive attention, living in this high tech, low touch society… resulting in this new phenomenon of in order to feel they cut themselves or inflict harm upon themselves.”

~ Kevin Ross

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Dec 11… titled: Make A Difference Today

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-- Restoration Life Foundation --

 Today's guest: Kathleen Frank, is an amazing woman with an incredible story to share today about the Restoration Life Foundation.  Kathleen, like many others, lived with abuse, but unlike many, she was set free through healing and restoration.  She desires to see other women and girls who suffer from the same sexual abuse she endeavored growing up, completely delivered from the pain and trauma that sexual abuse, molestation, and sex trafficking can cause.  Aside from the ministry, she is also a published author. Her latest book, I’m Fat and Nobody Cares, addresses the correlation between sexual abuse and obesity.  She shares the heartache and emotional trauma from the abuse she faced growing up, and uses her own story to touch the lives and hearts of others.  All proceeds from this book go toward Restoration Life Foundation. We were so impressed with her organization that we asked Kathleen to share the story behind it today.

To learn more about Kathleen Frank, please visit her website at

To find out how to join Restoration Life Foundation’s cause and help us win the fight against sexual abuse and sex trafficking, please visit our website at

  -- The Silent Epidemic --
We have a problem.  There is a silent epidemic in the world today and we cannot afford to ignore it.  Women and girls are being stripped of their innocence daily through sexual abuse, molestation or trafficking worldwide.

Here are the FACTS:

·       Every 83 seconds, a woman in South Africa is raped.

·       1 in 4 women worldwide are sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  

·       2 million girls and women are sexually trafficked each year globally.

·       1 out of 3 children are sexually abused before they reach the age of 18 and the average age of an abused child is 9. 

·       Every 30 seconds a child is molested.

Don’t let these statistics leave you with the impression that the problem is “somewhere out there”.  Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, in every religion or church group, covering all racial boundaries and ethnic groups.  Survivors are left ashamed, afraid, and silent.

But there is hope!  Restoration Life Foundation (RLF) is a non-profit organization that does not believe in borders when it comes to helping people in need. Although we are a US based organization, we feel that there are plenty of resources available to women and girls here in the US but in third world countries these resources are scarce in many remote places. We are dedicated to healing and restoring women and girls who suffer from sexual abuse, molestation, and sex trafficking.  These women and girls suffer the rest of their lives from something that is not their fault, and it is unacceptable; we want to be there to help restore them to a better quality of life. The resources we provide are not only in monetary means, but also in emotional and spiritual. These hurting women and girls need a place they can feel safe and get the help they need to live an independent life feeling confident, healthy and whole!

Our vision is to see a world free from sexual abuse and suffering and do what we can to help end the suffering of girls and women who have been sexually abused and feel they have nowhere to turn and nobody to support them on a global level. Many of these women and girls are thrown into the streets to live covered in their shame; their clothes are ragged, they beg for food or eat garbage to survive. These women and girls either have no family or their family has disowned them; blaming them for their tragic experience. At RLF we want to play a major role in taking these women and girls off the streets and give them back their dignity with tools they need to live their life in freedom. 

Our promise is to provide food, shelter, clothing, counseling, job training, an education, and a safe and loving community to live in.  We want our women and girls to have a fresh start and we promise to see the emotional effects of molestation, physical and verbal abuse, rape and sex trafficking removed from their lives.

So long as this abuse exists in the world, there WILL be a way to heal the hearts and minds of these victims, helping them become free from the weight of their tragedy, by offering the comfort they need to acquire greater emotional and physical well being, and restoration.

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