Saturday, March 2, 2013

Greening the City

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Very often our deepest desires are hidden under many layers and levels and strata of fear. On one hand we have to keep an eye on our dreams and desires, that we are aware of, but be aware that there are other passions that we may not yet have been made aware of. …Being open to the higher wisdom that we all carry within us and doing my imperfect human being best to live that life of surrender – surrender to the stories I am called to write, the paths I will walk… We all carry this powerful wisdom that expands beyond our conscious awakening. …Life is a journey of living all the way through and it changes all the time, so what I try to do is to be in the moment and do what is be in the moment as much as I can with what needs to be done. …Choose to live from that place of infinite possibility, surrender to the possibility – then all kinds of things that we could not have imagined become possible. 
…What would life be like if we weren’t afraid all the time? …Somehow manage and move through and past the fear – unless we face our fears and get through that wall to the other side we are blocked by our fears.”

~ Mark Gerson

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Dec 16… titled: Living Without Boundaries

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-- Greening the city --

Most cities have an interactive website that you can use to suggest transformations, or address complaints you may have. This is a great opportunity to request or suggest rebate programs like solar panel roof systems, water conservation devices from low flow showerheads and faucets to dual flush toilets and rain barrels, and compost systems – among others programs that can be used to promote greening the city. 

Keep the city magazine or local tourism publications savvy to what is going on in this regard simply by writing the editor a quick email and let them know of any current initiatives. Perhaps you can go as far as asking the city staff to release the stats or results of these programs and pass those along to the local publications as well.

There are lots of green tourism programs your city can consider investing in – such as a bicycle rental system, user friendly bus and public transit system schedules posted in areas where tourists congregate, and experience-based tourism… where tourists are encouraged to go on local wine tours, and wildlife adventure tours etc. 

Consider checking out what your local area has available through the chamber of commerce or city site and list this information in the waiting room, staff room, in-house publications of your office or place of business. You can use this information for planning group, family or class events - and to pass on to others who organize such events. 

When I ran a bed-breakfast spa many years ago, I spent the first few months not only preparing for the upcoming season by cleaning the building and stocking the shelves, but planting existing and creating new gardens and improving trail systems with informative signage for the patrons. We also created garden classes and when all that was ready we scoured the bulletin boards and bedrooms for old information, updated those areas with lists and pamphlets of all the local touring opportunities, eco-friendly restaurants and activities (i.e. horseback riding, water rafting, etc.)  for the patrons to access. 

Any business can do a similar thing for their bulletin boards and information booths and as mentioned before waiting rooms and staff rooms so that their employees are more informed as well. 

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