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Eco- Product Review

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I first learned of Daisy Natural Skin Care back on the 22nd of March when the owner, Jean Marie Pizzariella invited us to do a review of some of her products. Just 11 days after confirming our interest we found the box in our mail, which was pretty fast considering crossing the US/Canada border.

As an eco-conscious consumer, one of the first things I look at is the packaging. Daisy Natural has a wonderful packaging system – the products arrived in a light-weight, small cardboard box of 100% post consumer recycled content, with crumbled brown paper bags for cushioning, and light paper bag to hold several products together. The products had a minimal amount of shrink plastic to ensure the seal kept well during shipping; the plastic was perforated for easy removal – and all containers were recyclable. Many of the paper labels were easy to remove and recyclable. What impressed me most was a little note I found tucked in the package saying: “in order to reduce waste this packing material is on its second life. Please reuse or recycle where appropriate – Thanks!” I loved that! This simple note shows me how much the company cares about the environment, but also are conscious of the influence they might have with their consumers, encouraging eco-conscious behavior in every way they can. It was also interesting to note that a lot of the filler material is gathered and stored from packages the owner received from other outlets and then reused when shipping to her customers. I understand the company also offers gift bags (retailing for about $20) that are made from clear cellophane made from wood fiber and those are both certified biodegradable and compostable.

The products I received included:

Whipped Avocado Butter, lavender – retails for about $9

Shea Butter Soap, lavender– retails for about $6.50

Lotion Stick, lavender– retails for about $7

Gardener’s Soap, lavender– retails for about $7

Just Plain Lip Balm– retails for about $3

There was a slight, barely detectable tingle upon first application of whipped avocado butter – but only for a few seconds, and interestingly it has a consistency like stiff thick whipped cream. The whipped butter product is fantastic for after shower application, but also for self-care moments while watching TV. I noticed that there is a light greasy shine from the whipped avocado butter and the lotion stick, however this disappears within a few minutes, so wait a while before typing or opening a door after application. These products would appeal to the frugal minded consumer as just a little of it goes such a long way. I had some dry spots and noticed that the next day they felt so smooth and soft. I found the lotion stick is perfect for elbows, knees and heels – just two applications and most of the roughness in those areas disappeared. I purposely went out in the garden and played in the dirt until I was tired – upon coming back in to clean up for lunch I used the gardeners soap and was so impressed at how easily everything just rinsed away! Usually I have to soap up 2 or 3 times using the natural liquid soap from the health food store. I really love the effect of the lip balm, my lips felt so soft and supple after application. After showering with the lavender soap – Dave and I both felt so clean we could have squeaked! I found it interesting that the natural soaps are shrink wrapped in “biolefin” which is, according to the owner, a biodegradable plastic.

The products smell so good and the ingredients so yummy sounding one might be tempted to taste them! The owner focuses on producing products that are free of parabens, synthetic colors and uses phthalate-free synthetic fragrances. The ones I reviewed were made with all natural ingredients and lightly scented with lavender oil. I read all the labels and found high-quality naturally derived ingredients ranging from mango butter, coconut oil and butter, safflower oil, shea butter, vegetable glycerin, soy bean protein, avocado oil, beeswax, and almond oil – to name a few. There are other fragrances available on her site including natural tangerine, grapefruit and some fragrance free versions of everything except the gardeners soap. I’m highly sensitive to chemicals and harsh ingredients and didn’t experience a reaction at all to any of the products, except that I had very smooth, soft skin and smelled wonderful due to the light scent of lavender that remained.

The company, Daisy Natural Skin Care (NY, USA) was founded by Jean Marie Pizzariella in 2012 and offers a wide variety of products that I’m sure you’ll want to check out. You can find everything from balms and butters to soaps and scrubs. The price range is incredibly competitive so you can save money even with the shipping calculated in. The products are not just for women - my husband Dave who has a lot of wear and tear on his body due to being physically active and a do-it-yourselfer around the house loves the effect of the lotion stick on his cracked heals and the whipped butter on his hands. Dave says they are the best he’s ever tried and is really impressed that in just two applications his rough heels are feeling a lot better.

As an additional bonus – Jean has decided to offer our readers a coupon code for orders placed prior to May 13th, 2013: “...the code is BRUMMET15 and is good for 15% off $15 or more. It will be available through 5/13/13.”

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