Sunday, July 7, 2013

Find Passion & Make The World Prosper

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“What do you love doing? ...look at those passions – if judgments comes in move through that fear; visualize what you want in your life and you will become aware that everything in your life is there because of what you want. …And then being open to the possibilities, and embracing the opportunities that come to you… and looking for those gifts. …Embrace that within, dance with life, live a life of intention – and definitely celebrate the now. 
See and be the success that you are right now because each and every one of us on the planet is successful.” 

~ Daved Beck

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-- Positive News -- 

I read an interesting press release recently about a group of Saga University students who banded together in an effort to recycle abandoned bikes and restore them. In total there were more than 50 members who collected and refurbished the bikes. They then set up a site where they could rent and sell the newly reconditioned bicycles to encourage people who are looking to green their lifestyle, and to help those who cannot afford to purchase bicycles otherwise. 

I don't know about you but I have often seen older bikes and lots of bike parts in hawk shops, second hand stores, in back alleys and stacked in people's yards or piled in the landfill. Imagine the waste! Programs like this group of students formed are a wonderful way to encourage green living, reduce pollution, increase healthy lifestyles, and reduce waste. Something we could all learn from, eh?

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