Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Product Review

-- Stunner of the Month -- 

Eva – of – first made contact regarding taking on a review project for their subscription based sunglasses service back on July 4th, and because I have a real addiction to sunglasses (lol) – I jumped on board with this. By July 10th they had signed me up for what I thought was a 1-month subscription ended up being a 3-month bout. The service sent an email notice on August 17th notifying me that the subscription was going to expire in 2 months and offered easy instructions to renew along with a discount if I chose to renew.  This showed me how organized and thorough they are with follow up skills and I was impressed by the easy, seamless continuation of services they offer their members. The concept of this business is to send a new pair of sunglasses to their clients every month – arriving in their mailbox or doorstep, depending on the delivery available in their region.

They have a wonderful motto: “shades will change the way you see and the way people see you” that I’m sure will appeal to today’s consumers. Each month a new pair of sunglasses arrives in the mail box accompanied by a card offering information such as an amusing name (i.e. Disco Naps) and write up that is reminiscent to what Chuck Lorre writes for the closing of his sit-com, Big Bang. Most shipments also include stickers, coupons or some other bonus.

My first pair arrived July 26th and the last pair on October 4th; they come in a small white 3X6” recyclable cardboard box – I didn’t have to go pick it up at the post office because it was able to fit in the mail box, which was nice. As a member of the media and also a reviewer, I get a lot of mail and often don’t know what it is until I get it in the office and open it up… however this box had a colorful sticker on the top that made it easy to tell exactly what the box was about.

All 3 pairs of glasses arrived in a lovely white drawstring nylon bag – very fashionable, washable and reusable. Enclosed in with the glasses were a couple of business-card-sized promotional items including stickers and coupons  – one inclusion offered a month credit for every new member I refer. I’m not sure how the referral program works but I thought it was a great idea. In the first shipment, I found taped to inside of the box lid a wonderful lightweight metal key chain with what looked like a stick at first. Upon investigation I found out that the stick actually unscrewed at both ends revealing glass repair tools. What a fantastic idea. I’ve often had the screws holding the nose pieces or the ear arms come loose when it is not convenient, only to realize that my small glass repair kit is at home. This key chain repair kit will definitely come in handy. I noticed, too, that the area one would grip on to in order to use either end of the tool is grooved so that you’d have good traction with your fingertips. 

I’m a big fan of sunglasses – I have a half-dozen pair but would own more if I had my way. I’m often distracted by sunglass displays in stores and have to tear myself away from them more often then not. I find that some days require a really dark pair, other days require a reflective pair, while cloudy days need a pair with only a little filtering. It really depends on what the activity is as well – such as being in nature where sun bleeds through trees or reflects diamond like displays off water, or glares off sand. Driving and being in town means you’ll experience sharp reflections off windows, mirrors, shiny cars, and sidewalks. So having a few different kinds of sunglasses is very helpful. I’m pretty careful with my sunglasses but occasionally they do break, or get scratched up, sat on or left behind somewhere. As such I can see that this would be a fantastic service for anyone. I think that people really do like getting things in the mail; it makes them feel special – so a service like this could offer a really unique gift idea for birthdays or holidays and special events.

Subscription looks to be only $9/month (US) with free shipping. It looks like they also have a referral program as well that you may want to look into – customers get $1 credit for each new member they are able to refer to Stunner of the Month. The subscription price tells you that these are not high-end sunglasses; they are in fact cheap sunglasses.

However this service offers a way to try something new, to branch out your style to areas you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. Give away the ones that don’t suit you. No obligation, you can cancel anytime.

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