Saturday, November 9, 2013

Product Review

-- Feng Shui Wind Chimes, Review -- 

I was thrilled to hear from Kara Fillion of Uncommon Goods - an online retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted products to a broad audience, while raising funds for a variety of charities through the Better to Give charitable program. This unique program allows their customers to choose a charity at checkout for the company to make a $1 donation to. In just 12 years has raised over $300,000 for several charities including RAINN (an anti-sexual violence organization with programs to prevent violence and help survivors in the healing journey), American Forests (works to protect and restore forests across the globe), Women For Women Int. (offers tools and resources for survivors of war ravaged areas to overcome the challenges and reach for self-sufficiency) and City Harvest (a wonderful anti-hunger organization that reduces food waste and decreases hunger issues). 

I’ve had the honor of taking on a couple review projects with this company, starting with the one I am publishing today:

Woodstock Percussion Inc. ( NY, USA) is a small family-owned business; the founder Garry Kvistad is a professional, Grammy award-winning musician, and they produce a variety of products including the tuned Feng Shui Wind Chime ($38.33 Canadian) that Uncommon Goods  ( sent our way. The chimes come with a limited 1-year warranty and are actually manufactured in China, however the company claims that the workers are in a modern facility where they are paid fair wages and treated ethically.

Care suggestions are to apply a thin coat of eco-friendly oil (i.e. lemon oil) with a soft cloth or brush to the hardwood hanger to prevent damage due to exposure to exterior elements. They suggest cleaning the glass or polished rock with mild soap and if the metal parts tarnish to scrub them gently with a metal cleaner. Wind chimes in china are believed to actually redirect energy in the space they are hung. It is said that wind chimes can break up bad energy, the hollow tubes help good chi energy circulate and because there are 3 tubes this will bring good luck.

Another practical benefit of chimes besides the beauty are their ability to screen the view (hanging them where you want to hide or break up the view), is that their music helps mask exterior sounds. This hand-made product is about 39” in length and features a green wash finished ash wood, 3 anodized aluminum tubes polished jade ornaments.

The beautiful music produced by the Feng Shui Wind Chime is subtle and is not irritating, it is relaxing and brings to my mind images of trickling creeks and bird song. The product arrived in a small cardboard box with paper wrapping the jade and slotted pieces of cardboard separating the strings. This product appears to be quite eco-friendly, socially responsible, and use recyclable (or compostable) packaging.


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