Sunday, January 19, 2014

Looking to network with members of the media?

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I would like to recommend to those of our contacts in the world of writing or in the realm of the media this new blog devoted to talk radio hosts and guests. If you would like to network with other radio hosts or find new media contacts and marketing opportunities - you'll definitely want to bookmark this site below:

Most blogs about talk radio focus on terrestrial radio  or changes in broadcasting and personnel. Talk Radio Advocate Francine Silverman has started a blog about radio hosts and guests, with posts such as what makes a good interview, who goes on radio, promoting your radio interview, and guests from hell.

Each month she features a station from either her book, Talk Radio Wants You, or from one or more of her 16 e-books on talk radio shows.

The mission of the blog is to highlight Internet and on-air hosts who welcome guests, and their guests, and to provide information on talk radio.

The blog is at

Francine Silverman and I have networked for many years now. She is the host of a weekly radio show,  Fraternizing with Fran, is a well-known on-line publicist. 

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