Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Inspiring Change

 -- Inspiring Change -- 

The other day we were driving through Crawford Bay toward the ferry on our way out to Nelson BC for a shopping trip - when I saw a really skinny fella in bicycle gear setting up what looked like a unicycle. Curiosity peaked as we went by and we talked about riding a unicycle, how difficult that must be. In my mind I was hoping the guy was OK as he seemed kinda skinny to me. Anyway, today on a community forum I found out that this fella is riding all the way from Victoria BC to Canada's capital on the other side of the country... to raise awareness and to inspire a call-to-action regarding making positive environmental changes. As I write you this moment, he is heading down our main street here in our home city of Creston BC.

Check out this video (7 min) that explains what this is all about:

The site page has more than the video that I mention here, scroll down that link's page to find more or look to the top where you'll find links for more information as well. Feel free to help spread the word about Unity For The Climate via social media and also sharing this blog post on social media. Even the smallest action like clicking your mouse plays a role!

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