Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tips for Guest Blogging

-- Guest Blogging Tips -- 

* By George Russel Joseph

Many people have been wondering whether guest blogging has an effect on SEO in current times. The truth is that the practice increases SEO. This is because it aids in increasing overall long tail traffic.

While guest blogging still has the ability of increasing the ranking of your site, you need to observe a number of tips. The tips that you need to put into consideration include:

Ensure that you post on relevant blogs
Google recently rolled out measures to punish websites that had links in irrelevant blogs. For example, if you have a health blog, you will be punished if a link is found in a commerce blog.

To prevent your blog from being punished, you should ensure that you post on relevant blogs. This means that if you have a finance blog, you should post on finance related blogs only.

For you to brand yourself and drive traffic to your site, you should not only post on related blogs, but you should also ensure that you post on bigger blogs. This is because posting on bigger blogs gives you more exposure than posting on small, unknown blogs.

Stay away from rich anchor text
When guest posting, you should avoid using rich anchor text. This means that you should avoid using your target keyword as the anchor text. This is because using rich anchor text will result to penalization of your website. To avoid penalization, you should use naked links instead of anchor text.

Build up your author rank
Due to increased use of Google+, it's now very easy for Google to determine how good of a writer you are. For you to be recognized as a high quality writer, you should ensure that you share high quality content only. If you are not a good writer you should hire a good quality writer to write for you.

Share the love
When choosing the sites to guest post, you should not focus on those that will be of benefit to you only. You should also keep the readers into consideration.
The best way of keeping the readers into consideration is by guest posting in a website that is read by many people. This way you will not only improve your SEO but you will also benefit the readers.

Although, guest posting aids in increasing SEO, experts are saying that the practice might not work in future. This means that instead of focusing so much on increasing SEO using guest posting, you should use the practice to increase branding, referral traffic and sales.

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